See New Latvian Movie: Chronicles of Melanie


Waking up when as military officers are getting into your house and being told to leave your home forever in couple of hours. It is a painful story kept out from everyday life, story that one would try to forget forever, also my grandparents. Overwhelming and unthinkably real, that is many people’s story of Soviet Union times.


Here a short history class is needed. As Soviet Union was enormous in terms of territory as well as nationally diverse, it was convenient for government to deport middle and upper class  property owners,  move them across whole Union to deprive any chance for nationalists to hold together and rebel.

Though both Estonia and Latvia have experienced deportations, recent movie The Chronicles of Melanie is Latvian made and gives a great sight on woman who is put in a train, driven to Siberia and left to survive with nothing but child and mother to care for.  And when the chance to break out of mud comes.. .Emotionally striking, slightly melancholic but at the same time surprisingly inspirational – it is absolutely worth watching.



Director Viesturs Kairišs